Our Company was founded in 1965 and registered in 1982, starting with only a 200-square-foot plant and two belt-driven lathes. Since then it has accumulated more than 50 years of practical experience. During its half-century in business, IPA has held to the principles of "integrity, innovation, and breakthrough" as its philosophy for serving its customers and as its cornerstone of sustainable development.

To be the ideal choice as a partner。
To provide high-precision products and processing technology。
To partner with others to provide aerospace-standard quality for everything we make
At IPA our primary focus is in the integrated manufacturing of precision components through up-to-date precision turning, milling, 5-axis machining technology, along with excellent process development and process improvement capabilities, while making use of a complete supply chain system. From process planning and program writing to product quality control program, our rigorous management and monitoring systems guarantee that we can meet or exceed customer requirements, particularly in the field of precision manufacturing where we have earned our customer’s trust.

Current products include:
1.Aerospace structural components
2.Precision sport equipment components
3.Medical device components
4.Knitting machine components
Our vision at IPA, is to make use of our long history and rich technical experience to develop and maintain long-term partnerships with leading international manufacturers while we continuing to optimize manufacturing processes to both enhance product quality and reduce costs. Maintaining a stable foundation of profitability will allow us to continue to expand our scale of operation, so that we can create an environment where our customers, our supply chain, as well as our company can thrive and prosper.

To meet high yield and high accurate delivery rate Key Performance Indicators (KPI), IPA sets rigorous and reliable inspection procedures and production management systems. We regularly review their implementation for improvement and enhancement of these processes.
Company Quality Certifications

1. AS9100C Aerospace Certification
2. ISO9001 International Quality Certification
3. Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation Qualified Vendor Certification